Leaving the Comfortable

I was walking across a parking lot when all of a sudden, it hit me: “I keep praying for things that will make me more comfortable and secure, but is that what God desires for me?” Jesus’ whole message was about stepping out of our comfort zones and pursuing selflessness and sacrifice. Jesus’ life exampled exactly that.

Like a punch to the gut, in the middle of that parking lot, God pressed in, “What are you doing for Me?” Here I’ve been asking for His blessings, success in business, more financial stability, and bigger, better things. But what am I willing to sacrifice for the kingdom? Am I willing to give up luxuries and comforts to be a good Samaritan in someone else’s life? Am I truly willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus and what does that mean?

I’m not suggesting we should break out the sackcloth and ashes. But I have been convicted recently of wanting more, more, more. However, God has called me to be blessed so I can be a blessing! I’m to be a conduit of His generosity. Not a miserly Scrooge, piling up stuff for the mere selfish pleasure of having stuff.

For the last few days, I have been processing and asking myself: “Am I honestly willing to say, ‘Here am I. Lord, send me?'” Whatever that means. Not qualifiers or exclusions. I don’t want to put a bunch of exceptions on the end. “Lord, send me… except to third world countries. And not anywhere uncomfortable. And not if I have to be poor and struggle. And not if I have to be single forever. And not…” I know God has called me (and you) to something specific to further His kingdom.

Like so many, I’d prefer to know all the answers up front. “Show me the big picture, Lord. Give me the full plan and then I’ll decide if I can agree to it.” But that is not at all how God works. That would not require faith or trust in His plan. Nor would comfort and complete security require our faith and trust in Him. The miraculous most often happens just outside of our comfort zone.

So today I challenge you to search your heart and begin to trust God’s plan for you… however uncomfortable that may be.

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