Just The Way You Are

In my last post, Waiting For Superman, I talked about having unrealistic expectations of a potential dating partner. This week, I want to address the flip side of that same coin.

No one is perfect. We all know that. We most often use that line in defense of our own flaws or quirkiness. However, in light of grace, we need to accept the fact that our partner will have quirks and flaws as well. Sometimes, they’re things you can live with. Other times, they may not be.

Now I’m not talking about major character defects like lying, cheating, or anger issues. I’m talking about personality quirks like type of humor or small flaws like table manners issue. The little stuff that might be mildly annoying, but isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

I thank God for small flaws and quirks for a number of reasons. First, they remind me that my partner isn’t perfect, so I can relax and let go of my own perfectionism a bit. It’s almost like I have to see him be human first, then I can let my hair down a little, too. That’s when vulnerability and honesty begin to truly emerge in the relationship.

Second, it often opens my eyes to the bigger picture. I once dated a guy several years ago for a very short period. We attended the same church and he seemed to always have something super spiritual to say or scripture to quote. He expressed interest in me and I thought, “He’s not exactly my type, but what’s the harm in getting to know him a little better.” He seemed nice enough, but after a few times of hanging out outside of church walls, I saw his feet. And that was the beginning of the end. When I saw the horror that was in his summer sandals, I could barely hold it together. Remember the scene in Dumb and Dumber when they had to use circular sanders to file Harry’s toenails? No exaggeration. It was just like that! I was horrified! I thought,”If his foot hygiene was that bad, what else did he not take care of?”

Soon, I started noticing major character defects like a victim’s mentality and no fruit of spiritual growth. I discovered that while he knew a lot of scripture, he lacked the maturity and grounding to apply his knowledge to his life. His deeds did not back up his words. So I quickly severed the relationship. Besides, the raptor toes had to go!

Finally, I’m grateful for quirks and flaws because sometimes, just sometimes, they can have the opposite effect and deepen the attraction. Maybe you discover that you both loved playing super nerdy games as kids like D&D or Magic the Gathering. That could make for a fun date night down the road. Or perhaps you find out that he is really good at woodworking and you’ve been dying to build a bookshelf for your ever growing, insane book collection… Hypothetically, of course. This gives you a project to work on together. Read: more bonding time. Maybe he has a quirky sense of humor that may seem dorky to others, but puts you at ease, because, admit it, you’re a dork, too. Personally, I find it more magical when connection happens over the unexpected little things rather than the obvious.

It is in those moments that recently I have taken the time to thank God for being so detailed oriented. It’s in those little quirks and details that God reveals His perfect plan. He shows his extravagant love by fashioning us uniquely and beautifully. When you find someone who has flaws (not just quirky interests) that match up with yours, you have found something special. Thank God for his faithfulness and extravagant love.

“And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” Luke 12:7 NLT

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